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{{{{mysterre}}}} I'm anxious to see your design! Do you have it posted somewhere?

{{{{biker}}}} Have a wonderful time at the Waystation!! How can you possibly NOT? ;-)

{{{{Moon}}}} Hey there, friend! But, um, it soi-tainly don't FEEL like June, though, huh.

{{{{Punky}}}} :-) Yay for the waffle iron! ;-)

I looked up Glen Phillips...I confess I didn't recognize the name, although NOW I know who he is. (QUITE cute, btw)

I went to his site, and this is the second part of his bio:

I love our Romatopf clay pot. You soak the thing in water for about ten
minutes and then throw it in the cold oven, turning the heat on right
after. I throw in whatever veggies we have around: eggplant, zucchini
or crookneck squash, tomatoes, carrots, peppers, all rubbed with salt
and olive oil. Then coarsely chop a Spanish onion and a few cloves of
garlic, and mix in some fresh basil, thyme, or herbs de Provence. If
you like fish, throw a fillet of salmon or a light white fish like halibut in
with it all. Then sprinkle with white wine and the juice of a lemon.
Throw the peel in for good measure. A couple of dashes of a hot
sauce are also a fine addition (I like Marie Sharp's habenero sauce).
Place in the oven and turn the heat on to 450 and cook for about
30-45 minutes. We serve it with tortillas or chapati, rice and salsa.
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