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Okay.....for those of you who missed Cooking Chat last evening.....

First of all you missed the PARTY! Yep, it was our dear Shadow's birthday and ...DID SHE CELEBRATE!!!

Secondly (and this is the REALLY BIG NEWS) I gave a recipe! Yep! I left the roomies amazed and beggin' for gave it 4 more times!

So....for those who missed it:

Title: Banana Chocolate Chimichangas
Categories: Desserts, Mexican, Chocolate Death
Yield: 1 servings

Small chunks of chocolate -=OR=-
choco spread like Nutella
Flour tortillas
Cinnamon & sugar mix

Place banana in tortilla shell. Sprinkle chunks of chocolate on banana.
Roll banana & chocolate in the flour tortillas. Seal edges with water
like when frying a wonton and deep fry until tortilla is crispy and
blistered. Drain; then roll in a cinnamon and sugar mix. Can be
served with or without ice cream and you decide on the size.

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