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I hope this doesn't sound like rationalization, but I'm starting to feel a bit alienated at WW meetings.

I'm not a compulsive overeater, and I'm not a nervous eater. I screw up my metabolism by not eating all day and then coming home in the evening and feeling like I don't have to be careful what I eat, since I didn't eat all day. :-\

Today, for example, I'm way under my points, but all I had was coffee and ice cream! LOL

I just need to stop being an idiot and eat reasonably. And I need to take the bike out of the garage!

So far, I'm still losing. I lost 2.5 pounds in the last week. If I start gaining again, I'll go back for sure, but I'll probably go to a meeting on Saturday rather than the WW At Work program, because there are Tuesdays I'm simply not able to go (out of town, home from work, etc.)

Does that make sense?
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