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Hi Jendoc, and thanks for your post.

I really didn't know what "befeat the perpuse" meant...I wasn't trying to be critical.

After spending quite a while this evening checking out "The MOM Team" and various websites posted here, I'm still very unclear about what this is (other than a pyramid scheme, or multi-level marketing scheme, which I gleaned from the message boards, where people talk about working their way through "levels" and signing up members and associates).

Every night, I delete probably 3/4 of the email I receive because it's spam about improving ones credit rating, getting low interest credit cards, ads for the newest snake oil on the market (or not on the market, but only available through blah blah blah). Is this the kind of business people on those message boards are talking about?

Isn't there a point at which people are just fighting over who clicks on whose link and becomes another notch for whichever member happens to have snagged them?

Why aren't people's "products" or business advertised right there on their homepage?

I'm just curious.
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