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An Interesting Link

I recommend this link at

Briefly, from the article, an MLM/pyramid can be defined by these characteristics:

"1. A chaining hierarchy of levels of distributors -- more than is functionally justified -- is recruited without area limits, which leads to extreme leverage and perceived saturation in the marketplace.

2. RVE-EHI. Relative vertical equality (RVE) in compensation systems leads to extreme horizontal inequality (EHI) in payout over the entire network of distributors -- huge payouts to a tiny percentage of participants, while the vast majority wind up losing the money and effort they invested over a period of time.

3. Significant purchase or recruiting quotas are required (or incentives offered) to qualify for increasing bonus levels or purchasing discounts in an ascending hierarchy of payout levels (the "pay to play" feature)."


"MLM recruiters should be required to disclose average net payout to distributors (total payout less purchases) from the company by percentiles. This would reveal extreme payout patterns typical of pyramid schemes. Significant resale of products at retail prices should not be assumed, as MLM products are seldom priced competitively.

"Because top upline positions tend to be locked in, the odds of success in achieving payout levels should be estimated by comparing the net increase in distributors at each payout level for a given year with the total numbers of distributors who joined the program for the same year."

Because WOW is intended as a "safe" place for women, I'm asking you to explain exactly what the MOM Team is, and what is required, without requiring people to give you contact information first, before discussing it here.

If it can't be explained, it probably shouldn't be discussed.
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