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M.O.M. team uncertainty

Very interesting discussion...

Can one of the M.O.M. Team people explain, here, what it is the M.O.M. Team members DO to make money, without requiring the rest of us to be directly contacted by a M.O.M. Team member?

It seems to me that if you can discuss it here, and it is legitimate, and you aren't protecting a potential downline (which is a hallmark of a MLM type pyramid scheme), you ought to be able to give some hint here, or on ANY of your identikit web sites what it is you are doing.

Right now it seems very much so like the Wizard of Oz; you want us to ignore the man behind the curtain. I mean, all I'm asking is sort of what Joe Strummer once asked... Let me see your other hand. So, excuse me if it seems I've dropped my dog.

While I'm here, is M.O.M. Team in any way related to, or doing business with or through or in conjunction with Melaleuca?
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