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I'm happy to see that the MOM Team asks that people research Melaleuca before going to work for them.

Melaleuca remains a company that tests on, and kills, animals; or at least refuses to certify that they no longer test on/kill animals.

As of 4/25/01, for example, PETA was asking that people write to Melaleuca to request that they end their lethal dose tests (LD50):

<font color=red>PETA has dropped Melaleuca--manufacturer of cosmetics and household products--from our "Don't Test" list after learning that it commissioned two animal tests. In 1996, in the course of litigation, Melaleuca commissioned an LD50 test on a competitor's product which resulted in the suffering and deaths of 10 rats. More recently, PETA learned that Melaleuca commissioned another animal test--this one resulting in the deaths of an undisclosed number of dogs--on its nutritional product Provex.

Please let Melaleuca know how you feel about this. Write or call:

Mr. Kenneth Sheppard
Vice President
Melaleuca, Inc.
3910 S. Yellowstone Hwy.
Idaho Falls, ID 83402-6003
208-522-0700 </font>

If I might ask:

Once a MOM Team member "refers" someone to Melaleuca, does this person become part of the referers downline in any way?

Thanks, I truly appreciate your open attitude towards questions!
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