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Which is linked from:

Which was posted on 4/25 of this year.

I have several questions about the information Melaleuca is apparently providing.

PETA states, as I posted, that Melaleuca commissioned an LD50 test, which stands for Lethal Dose 50%, on a competitor's product, not merely on their own products.

An LD50 test involves testing a substance or substances on animals until the level at which 50% of the animals are killed is determined, this is also called an acute toxicity test.

While their information could, potentially, be accurate, it is clearly non-responsive to the information PETA is providing in that it doesn't refer to the actual incident PETA is alleging, but rather seeks to shift attention to something else.

But, frankly, I do not believe their information is accurate.

To my knowledge there are no FDA regulations that require LD50 tests. Indeed, the fact that there are many, many companies that do not test on animals whatsoever would seem to indicate that the information Melaleuca is giving out is designed to confuse rather than enlighten.

Jendoc, I sincerely hope you do not feel I am poking at YOU. You've been open and responsive, I appreciate this very much.
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