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{{{{{Les}}}}} and {{{{{Friends}}}}} Sorry to be absent for so long!<p>
I have a question for anyone who knows: How is that Adobe desktop publishing program, In Design? My boss has pretty much decided that Quark won't suit our purposes, and In Design will at least be compatible with our Photoshop pictures. Also, the learning curve is supposed to be fairly easy if you've used other Adobe products. We are having trouble finding a class in In Design, though - I guess it's too new. So, does anyone use In Design, or know of it, and if so, do you know of any good training, whether seminars, classes, online classes, videotaped info, books, etc.?<p>
I am anxiously awaiting seeing my favorite tiger, Drifter, again Saturday, at the local carwash that sponsors him at the Wildlife Waystation. I got to visit him (and about 1200 other animals) at the Wildlife Waystation about 1-1/2 hours north of me last weekend. I loved the place, and was quite impressed with how lovingly they care for the animals there. It's just a bonus that he'll be local again tomorrow!<p>
I've missed all you guys, and hope you are well!
Peace on Earth
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