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Well sheesh, I didn't finish that! LOL I really am so glad we've got some real conversation going. I wasn't trying to imply that to post here you have to spell everything correctly, but a person can only take so much disrespect. If you don't care enough about my business to check for errors, don't bother.

Chatterasmom, those are great tips! Thanks. Summer is a busy time. School just got out here, and from 8:30 on it's *knock*knock*knock* "Can Nathan play?" Five minutes later *knock*knock*knock* "Can Nathan play yet? Why not? Can't he come out alone? We'll take good care of him. We promise. Why not? Why? Why? Why?" AHHHHHHHHH! My son is 3 years old, and I'm already losing my mind.

We are looking for a teenage helper that can take our kids outside to play. I can't be out all day and get my work done, but it isn't fair to them either. Does anyone have good tips of where to find teens? We don't have a church, and the paper hasn't worked so far. Also, how much are you paying for sitters? Our last one got $10 an hour (MrHilie's idea) and we could never afford to do anything! LOL
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