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Nice to meet you! The first place I would check would be with your company. Each one has different rules about how you can advertise on the internet, including terms you have to use while describing your position, etc.

I did ad copy for awhile and found out that people respond better to shorter ads. Twenty to thirty words has worked well in the past. Popular e-newsletters like Bizymoms, and sites like WOW are good places to advertise. Do a search for YourIntendedAudience Newsletter (i.e. Alternative Family Newsletters) and you'll stumble across at least one.

If you check out a site where similar businesses are being advertised, skip it unless you can really make your ad stick out. If you go to WAHM you'll see what I mean by that. There are several people advertising for the same business, and it makes the company look desperate and not quite legitimate.

For little or no cost advertising, check out banner exchanges and webrings. Just make sure it's all within the limitations of your contract, or you could lose your business. Geez, if I was better at doing this stuff I would be rich! LOL Dang these lazy bones anyway!

Good luck, and hope to see you around the boards
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