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yes, we're back and we had an EXCELLENT time. we drove a total of 4560km (trixie did all the driving!), went through eight states, waded in the atlantic, browsed countless malls, ate MANY krispy kreme donuts, toured creepy old buildings, met lots of interesting people, learned to begin and end every sentence with "y'all" and had more spaghetti than ever before.

we LOVED the carolinas (especially charleston, SC...which i would revisit in a heartbeat!) and made it out just before all that rain. now we're mildly depressed that it's over and we're home and we have to go back to work tomorrow. LOL.

oh, and we DID meet up with moon's son and d-i-l for dinner and they were great. i wonder where they get that from? <weg>


p.s. thanks for thinking of me and the CAKE!
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