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I took DrHilieWho's remarks to be rather

Unkind to say the least...implying that I was advertising my business, by simply asking for others help derrived from their online experience...saying that my "ad" was comically flawed...that I need spell check...etc. Conversational english which is what a message board should be, has little regard for spelling, punctuation and grammar. Advertising does, however, and my ads are checked for those things...I didn't feel that I needed to be ON guard about who I am or who I ask for advice from...but her post makes me very aware that not everyone is here for helping others...perhaps it was not directed to me, I suppose that I will never know, because it was not specifically stated that "I" was the one it was directed to, but from my perspective, and again, that is all any of us have, it was hurtful and not necessary. Point taken on animal testing, and I will look further into it for myself...
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