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Cool Good Morning Everyone!

Hi Ladies,

I haven't posted in a while, just wanted to drop in and say a quick "hello how's it going" I see that we have had some very lively conversations going. It seems I started something with my post (way back 3 pages) about the criticism of someone's post. (LOL)

I guess we have all had a lesson in jumping defensive, assuming, and people expressing their opinion, but hey, isn't that what this is all about. We express our opinions - someone may get offended or misenterpret the poster's intent, but then we hash it all out and realize that no one here is trying to intentionally hurt anyone or belittle anyone or offend anyone. Although in this great country of ours with freedom of speech and opinions it sometimes happens. We don't take it personally, get past it, and come back to the board fresh and ready for the next round.

Well on another note - Do any of you homeschool? Is there a board for that? (of course I didn't bother to check LOL) If there is I'll catch up with you on that board. Gotta go back to work (I love saying that when I'm still in my pajamas) and I'll chat with you ladies later.

Have a glorious day and let's keep the sunshine in our hearts! - Enda
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