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Awwww thanks (((LF))) I feel all warm after reading that

Okay, now, is everyone sitting down? (In case anyone stands as they read and post on the boards <g>)

I am shaving my head for the Hospathon, which is raising money for cardio equipment. Yes, it's true, I've completely lost my mind (or at the very least about to lose all my hair). I ran a bake sale last Friday which raised $367.02, this Friday I'm running a chili cook off which I hope will bring in that much more. WHY shave my head? Well, we were sitting outside yesterday and I felt very hot, and said I need another haircut. Sue said "why don't you shave your head?" We had a similar conversation 3 weeks ago, when I got my hair cut last. As a last minute fundraiser, there's now a big push on. I set the minimum pledges at $400 before I would agree to have my head shaved, let me tell you, in about 30 mins of walking around with a poster, I had raised $350! For every $100 after that, another person is having their head shaved. Once we hit $1000, one of the managers is getting his head shaved. Fortunately, Sue is one of the other participants And I'm only going down to a #4, so I'll still have some hair, cause I'm a girl and I said so, that's why.

Speaking of Sue, she got a promotion at work yesterday! YAY! After she came out of her manager's office, she looked a little pale, so I thought the worse. She is now in the job she's wanted since she starting working there, I'm so proud!

Hope everyone has a fabulous day!

p.s. I'll have pictures taken of the head shaving which has to be postponed for one week as next week is that wedding I'm in and so is one of the other participants. For some reason the bride & groom to be don't want 2 of us with bald heads.
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