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"some tough Manc boy" ... I like the sounds of that

Here's the blurb from NME, who evidently don't have a proofreader:

vocalist LIAM GALLAGHER is reported to be making an appearance in PETER KAY's comedy series 'PHEONIX NIGHTS'.
According to a report in this morning's (June 1) The Sun newspaper, the Oasis frontman will appear in the show, set in a fictional nightclub in Bolton, auditioning for a singing role in the club.

He fails, and instead gets a job collecting glasses. Gallagher is said to be a huge fan of the show, and asked for a part personally.

A spokesperson for Channel 4 was unable to confirm Gallagher's appearance on the show, but said the show was only at the writing stage at the moment.

heh..."he fails, and instead gets a job collecting glasses."

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