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{{{{{Les}}}}} That reminds me, on The Weakest Link a few nights ago, there was a question, "What Brit pop band features brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher?" The guy got it WRONG. The British lady host smirked as only she can as she said, "No, Oasis!" <g><p>
Oh, Kathe, you reminded me, I really liked Kate Winslet in the movie, "Hideous Kinky." You should rent it - it's neither hideous nor kinky - it's really rather sweet and hippy. It's about a young mother's adventures in Morocco with her two young daughters, and the settings are awesome. It's a shame that it didn't get more attention.<p>
I'm curious to see if Jessica Alba ends up being a one-show wonder, or if she has range and staying power. I like her charcter in Dark Angel because that's how I fancy myself (until I look in a mirror! LOL). Same with Lucy Lawless as Xena. Even as a really little girl of about 5, I fancied riding a charging black steed through the neighborhood intimidating the mean little neighbor boys. <g> More recently, it's been holding my ground against drunken, rowdy motorcycle clubs at overnight bike runs, and moshing to the likes of Anthrax, Iron Maiden, etc., with the "big boys." Anyway, I appreciate the strong female role models that are out there today - ones I can identify with and respect. If there had ben such role models when I was a kid, I might have become an astronaut, seriously. As it is, if I get fed up enough with corporate life, I might just get into big cat care.<p>
Wow, am I off-topic! Oops! <G>
Peace on Earth
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