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Hi Everybody!

Thanks DrHilieWho. I'm definitely going to stay with you ladies even if I don't get here everyday. I belong to a lot of message boards and try to spread out my visits. You will probably catch me sometime on the homeschooling board. My daughter will be 6 in September and I actually started teaching her when she was 2. Now is a good time to start with your little one. They are really receptive and most of it is just incorporating educational things into their play time and making a game of learning. Okay, enough of that on this board. Just thought I would sneak that in

Homeschooling and having a home business are my two top subjects right now. Although I love to chat about anything and it's nice to hear what people have to say about different subjects. It broadens the mind and allows us to keep it open.

I gotta go now. You know I have to make the most of my time in the mornings before my little rascal wakes up. Thank goodness she is not usually up with the birds! (and me) LOL

Have a great day and as always - let's keep the sunshine in our hearts and let it overflow into our lives! - Enda

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