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Angry That is outrageous! (This is long)

Good morning!

I know this post is 2 months old. Sorry I'm just getting here. This is one of the very reasons that I have chosen to homeschool my daughter. Who do they have in charge of the education of our children?! When our children are in school everyday and all year long these people are responsible for them. It is disgusting that someone would think that this is an appropriate "joke" for school children. The administrators are supposed to set examples not be pranksters.

My husband asked me how long did I think we should homeschool Maryam and I told him at the rate things are going until she is ready for college. By the way, contrary to what many people think, many colleges and universities accept homeschooled children especially since they are typically more well rounded because they have not been in the confinement of the public institutions.

I didn't mean to rant but as you can see this is a subject that is very important to me. If we cannot properly educate our children in all areas of life the world will swallow them up and the school systems and the government have dropped the ball.

Anyhoo on a better note - I have found that teaching Maryam is a very enriching experience. To see the stages as she develops and progresses to the next level of understanding and growth is nothing short of amazing! I let her set the pace. She is not forced to learn things when she is not ready and I encourage her when there is something she really wants to pursue. Today her mind might not be on learning math but she may be on a roll with her phonics and spelling so that's what we do for the day.

I think that a lot of the frustration that kids have with school and lessons is that they are being forced to study when their minds are not open to it. You can't let them play all day everyday, some days you can, but you have to learn when your child is receptive to certain things and it varies from day to day. With homeschooling you have that freedom to decide if this is a play day or learning day. Of course sometimes you can incorporate the two without them realizing it.

Okay, enough! You're probably tired of reading. Go! Enjoy your day! - Enda
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