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Thumbs up Well said, and I agree!

I certainly agree, Homeschooling is not for everyone and not all homeschooled children are well rounded or very well educated for that matter. I also agree that not all school systems are failing our children - that was not my intent in my earlier rant (and I do apologize, it was a rant and as we know rants are not always well thought out - LOL).

I did not mean to say that people should take their kids out of school and teach them at home and to H --- with the public schools, because indeed many children would suffer for the worse and many of our schools have produced adults that have gone far and beyond what many people may have expected. I cannot speak for every school system in every state (I certainly should have clarified)however, I feel that the Cleveland, OH school system has miserably failed our children and I have found a better alternative after much research and investigation, and soul searching.

This was not something that we took lightly, as I said education of our children is very important. I even thought about not doing it because as in your case, she is an only child and there are no other children her age in my extended family but I have found that she can get plenty of socialization from the various classes and group activities that are available in our area at the museums and libraries and such, and also from the Ohio homeschooling support groups that are available.

When we get right down to it, education is largely dependent upon parental input whether in school or out of school and it seems to me that you have done an excellent job of "homeschooling" your son in conjuction with the teachers in a school setting - well done!

As far as the family in Idaho, they were not homeschooling their children, they simply withdrew them from school because of their paranoia of government and authority. People who make this decision must realize that it is not just an excuse not to send your child to school. I have to sometimes remind Maryam of that fact as well (LOL)

On a final note - I think it does say something for the school system in Washington that the students were the ones that picked up on the joke - excellent perception and comprehension skills, and it certainly was not my intent to say that they are all a bunch of incompentents because of one person's idea of being funny when I know nothing of their overall educational system. I will definitely next time specify who my rant is directed at and not leave it for people to assume.

Keep smiling - Enda!
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