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Hi everybody!<p>
I work for a "regular" manufacturing company that for the last couple of years has allowed me to telecommute 2 days a week - occasionally 3. I LOVE waking up an hour later, and avoiding the commute, the gas money, and the wear and tear on my truck. I love working in a t-shirt and shorts in my own (rented) little condo. I'm a technical writer, so I bring work home on a Zip disk and do the documents on my home computer, then load the completed documents back onto the Zip disk and take them back to work on my next "office day." <p>
I have to be in the office some, as I need to interact with the engineers and project managers. But working at home is far less distracting, as I live alone, and my only "kid" is a sweet little cat named Ozzy. He doesn't interrupt me too much, and it's great to spend breaks petting him. At lunchtime, I can run errands locally, eat at a favorite local haunt, or cook lunch at home, which saves money. I get plenty done working at home, because it's a priviledge I want to keep. <p>
Not having to jump into LA-suburb traffic but 3 days a week has made me calmer, and my life seems richer as a result. <p>
If you work for a company that is openminded, short on parking spaces (as mine is), or is worried about the western US's energy woes, it might be worth seeing if you can arrange to do your regular job at home, maybe even starting with just one day a week. I would imagine it would depend on the type of work you do, and how openminded you employer is. All I know is that I love it and it works out great for me! :-)
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