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When I lived in Maryland I had a work at home job. I maintained a data base for Aetna Insurance Company. It was great. My son was little. I could work as little or as much as I wanted. I got my files from the Philadelphia office. Everything was done by mail at that time, it was right before the electronic revolution. Had we not moved to Florida I would still be doing it and probably electronically. I put information to disk and sent it once a week to the main office. I also kept it on the computer that they supplied to me at home. I have not tried to find a job like that here in Fl, Aetna has since sold that part of their business to Travelers and closed down the Tampa office where they transferred my husband in 1993. My husband works from home now for another large insurance company. My son says he feels very lucky to have both of his parents here most of the time. I think that the electronic revolution has been wonderful for us. If I could find another data base management job like the one I had I would be delighted.
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