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(((((COD))))) where do I sign up for the 10% discount .. today being Tuesday
(((((Sabra )))))) Some days do suck! (((((Sabra's dad ))))))
Yes, there are days that I talk to God, and whoever else is listening... sometimes I think they shut their hearing aides off like my hubby does.
Agreeing that "Spirituality" comes from within. Sometimes you can feel it. Other times I think we ( or I) tune it out.
"Religion" well that is different.. I attend church sometimes it helps me feel better more in tune with what is going on... Does it make me a better person? NO, absolutely not.. Some people who never have gone to church live a better life than I do.. That's life. That's fine.
Me, I believe someone's "Spirituality is better than Religion" because they choose to life the way it should be IMHO.
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Happy Thanksgiving one and all
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