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It's not normal two are not having your usual normal sex life. Something has changed.

Men hide things and we all react to our own personal unidentified feelings thru denial. I think your bf is in denial about something. Just a guess.

Get him to talk about it. which means that you are going to have to be very clever and selective with your approach. ask us for advice as what to say to him. Write down some things to say to him and think about how he is going to respond.

I would say:" honey, this is a real issue and if we can't communicate through our real issues maybe we aren't compatible" "I need someone willing to work on relationship issues, because no matter who I'm with there will be issues" I can't be in a relationship with someone who is unwilling to work out a problem" I love you but do you See what I'm trying to say? This is a chance for you and me to find out if we have a healthy relationship and how we will solve our issues"

Good luck, and be true to yourself. Don't stay with a bf out of love. define your needs and desires and analyze if he is suited for you.
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