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Talking Hmmmm here is some food for thought

Sounds like to me you had a scarey first pregnancy and delivery. I have had three pregnancies myself. After the first one, the second pregnancy was good as well as the time frame of delivering. However, the third one was longer yet the delivery and baby turned out fine. I spent seven months total days in the hospital waiting for my first born. During which time I learned a lot. I would suggest that you go to your local library and grab as much material as you can to read up on pregnancies and deliveries. You are one step ahead by the experience you went thru with your first pregnancy and delivery. Also, write down any medical terms and at your next appointment with your midwife ask for answers. If your midwife doesnt give you any, return to your library or look it up online. EIther way you go, the more you know the better you are to handle it. Plus, let the doctors and their entire staff be aware you are not going thru what you did the first time. No one touches you unless they tell you why and what they are doing. Next any words or statements they make of you, you want it explained. I did have a midwife and she was a great experience. I wish you the best keep in touch.
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