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Of course I came back.
I am in here every during my workweek.
Cant keep away from the good company.

Since the birth I have been reading like crazy !
I think I have cramed everything I can into this brain of mine, with out becoming an OB/GYN.
But that does not seem to matter, every time I question something and give an argument it gets shot down.
I have decided to start taping every conversation.
And take my mother( a very strong willed person) with me on each interview.

Here is the thing.
I cant choose a midwife the is with me through out the whole thing.
There is no such thing as personalised care.
I get who ever is on call at the hopital at the time.
I went to a midwife at the hospital to try and work out some of my fears, and found out that I will not be allowed to be in the MFS program, I will not be allowed to give birth in a cozy birthing room.
I will no be allowed to stay at home after I have gone into labor. etc etc.

I will basicly have to be in a clinical room, in the same hallway as the OR.
I will have to be on a monitor the whole time.
Basicly, they will govern this whole process.
Since they did such a crapy job last time, I am gona fight this tooth and nail.
I dont trust theyr judment on anything on little bit.
They will be made to explain every little bit.
And they will hate me for it.

And I found out last week that nothing has changed.
The scar tissue have been causing me alot of pain.
The pain is worse if I have gas, and some hours before I have a BM.
So I called the hospital after I had been in imence pain for two days.
I called in told him I was 7 weeks preg, and that I had scartissue in my abdomen after a c-section.
His very quick responce was that it was just my uterus growing, I told him I knew the pain from these scar tissues.
And hold on tight,,, he asks me if I have ever carried a child before.
I was stunned, I had just told the man I had a c-section, I dont know of any human who has had that opperation while not being pregnant.
I pointed this out to him, he got miffed and told me that I could come in the day after if I absolutly wanted to.
HA HA,,, NOT, I wont go near these people.

I am starting to be affraid that I will knock out people when I get in there, he he.
I hope mom and bf will do a good job restraining me.

Seriously, I know it will be a hazzle and I know I will get irritated.
But it will be safety first, and I will be logical.

Than you guys so much for your input.
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