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Harry Potter

I'm surprised! I expected to see a review from one of y'all on Harry Potter. Did anyone else see it this weekend? Your thoughts?

I took my daughter to see it Friday night. We didn't intend to go because I just KNEW there would be horribly long lines and sold out showings. Believe it or not, there were only 3 showings at that theatre (the only theatre in town - or even within a half hour's drive) that night and only 1 of the showings was sold out. After all the hype, I was astonished!

We were both somewhat disappointed in the movie. Of course, there's the usual "not as good as the book" thing, but that wasn't all. I couldn't put my finger on it at the time. I just knew I felt ... I don't know ... <i>dissatisfied</i> would be the best word, I guess. The visuals were wonderful and the storyline followed the book fairly closely. The young actors were surprisingly good and the more experienced actors certainly did a good job. But still, there was a sense of emptiness after the movie. Kind of like when you're hungry for chocolate cake and eat carrot cake instead -- still perfectly filling and tastey, but not exactly <i>right</i>.

Saturday, I read <A HREF="">this review in <i>Slate</i></A> which finally put into words exactly what I was feeling. "Harry Potter is utterly transporting but not at all enchanting." Bingo! For a good review of the movie, take a look at the review in Slate.
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