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I too am very disappointed with both major parties. But for now we have to make due with the choices at hand. As I recall Clinton may have left office with a surplus bidge. But keeep in mind two important points. First following his debacle regarding Hillart's medical reform, the democrats lost control of the House of Representative for the first time in 40 years. And it is the this legislature that actually must provide the President an approved budget. If you recall Clinton cooperated with the Repub;icans and hence the surplus you give him credit for. (Remember too that it was Clinton who claimed after the loss of the House that "the era of big government is over". Second, the Democratic Party reclaimed both the House and Senate in 2006. SoAnd it was in the last two years of the Bush presidency that the major potion of his deficit spending occured. Bush did approve large spending programs such as No Child Left Behind and an expansion of the medicare drug program. So the I am not blaming the Democrats entirely, But again it was the Democratic controlled legislature that enabled Bush to sigh these programs into law. But from where I sit to day, it is only the Republican lead House that appears to be serious about controlling spending. Five trillion in debt in 3 years cannot be sustained. I like to debate. I hope no one takes offense since here at this site I seem to be in the minority. But I'm having fun.
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