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Ruby Rose
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I need advice I'm a married woman have been for 5 years I'm also young I have a child to another man but my husband has taken the father role I'm no longer in love with my husband but have been living everyday as I am thinking of my child and I don't want to hurt him as he is lovely but recently I have meet new friends and one friends boyfriend had taken interest in me and we had an affair we are sneaking around and spending time with each other and have realized and told each other we love each other we have made plans to both leave our partners but I'm so scared of hurting everyone and how to deal with the reactions and I'm worried I'm making a big mistake how do I prepare and am I doing the right thing we both are really committed to doing this but I'm worried it's also a rebound. Advice please on any of my concerns? My biggest concern is my child and hurting her the most am I being selfish? I want to just get over it but can't and I don't want to not try and wish I did. So confused
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