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Seems like to me that you got your thoughts out clear and good. Yet you always return back to your husband. Which means he has your heart. Yes normal to "love" another. Yet acting upon it is what kills many things that cant be fixed. Listening to your Mother when you could have wouldnt have worked for you. Since it seems that some of us including my own daughter have to learn things their own way. What you should do mind you this is a suggestion, is take time with your husband. Like having a date night. Maybe it would help but it would be also lots of fun. Taking turns planning on what the two of you will do. Surprises abound on that idea. Yet dont take for granted what you have for when you dont it really will surprise you how that will hurt. One of those kind of hurts that wont go away. SO I hope this helps as it was meant too. Hugs
Thank you Wolf_Angel, I have recently talked to my husband about our marriage losing spark and he agreed. We do plan on going on a date night, but spending more than usual and it will be worth it!
After talking to this guy I have a crush on, both of us kept our distance as much as possible but at the same time do talk and joke around as friends and co-workers. It will take time to get over him, but I do cherish the friendship that we developed. It has fizzled out more as the days go by. At first I regretted telling him that I had a crush on him because I liked the attention he gave me, but at the same time I am glad because it helped me stop obsessing over him which would of eventually consumed me to the point where I would lose and hurt my husband at the same time. My husband did notice that I was being very distant towards him and if I wanted him out of my life just let him know. In my heart I wouldn't do that because he means the whole world to me and has done a lot for me. He feels the same way about me. I told him that me being so distant was the indication that I will be getting my monthly and low and behold it happened. I do need my space when that happens. If it weren't for my friend and mother, I wouldn't have gone over this crush phase as fast as I normally would if I were by myself feeling this way. I prayed to God for the spiritual strength to get over it too and so far it seems to work. I hope to keep that friendship once those feelings fizzled, which I know it will. My friend suggested this rule the 80/20 relationship which means the person who is in a committed relationship or married with that special someone is 80% more that the crush or other person they desire (20%), such as love, bond, trust, help out, etc. Plus I am starting to see turn offs against my crush, which is not expressing his feelings and holding them in and has some similar personalities like my husband.
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