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Hi ladies
I have a problem in this category. I have a 1.5 year old chow/akita mix who has hip displasia really bad. How do you stop a teen age dog from not running around in you home so she doesn't injur herself anymore then what she is? It hurts me especially after Thursday night with her taking her run in my apartment and seeing her come up with not being able to use her right hind leg. She has already been through 1 surgery and can't do it another time. This is one of my children, mind you. I was in tears to the vet on Thursday night trying to figure out how I can not let her feel the pain she is in cause when she hurts, so do I. The next surgery after this is to cut her bones in her legs. I won't do that. Now what do I do????? Her right hip is totally out of the socket, the left is half way out, this is a little over a month ago when she had her surgery. The surgery was to cut her muscles inside of her legs to aleviate her discomfort. She is playing more, but that's the problem, she want's to play like there is nothing wrong. She has been on glucausimine chondroitin for 2 months now, along with tramadol for pain and just got rymadil for her pain. Can someone please help me especially to tell me how I am supposed to build up her muscles in her legs when after I walk her for 15 minutes in the morning, she limps for the rest of the day. Thanks
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