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"If I looked like Jolene, I swear, I would NEVER have showed up here tonight, would you?"

"No way! Lordy!"

"Remember how jealous we all were? Homecoming queen, cheer leader, honor student. Man...what HAPPENED?"

"That big hair look is out, Ms.Jolene" said Judy with a snicker.

"She needs to be introduced to Lady Clairol for sure!"

"I wonder if that's a maternity top?"

"Judy we are all FIFTY now, so DON'T think SO!"

We laughed and as we turned, she stolled over.

"Hi Judy and Kathy. Remember me?"

Almost in unison, we smiled broadly and said "Jolene! How wonderful to see you again! YOU LOOK GREAT!"

"Oh thanks, this is fun, huh?" said Jolene with a wide grin.
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