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Where has the time gone? This is what I think as I look at my son. He will hopefully be starting 7th grade this coming fall. I remeber when he was starting to walk and talk. Now he will be starting middle school. How fast will time fly before he is off to collage or moving to be off on his own? I will miss him so when this comes to past.
He has grown so fast. At least he still allows hugs and kisses. How long before he no longer fells like giving them? I hope never. For they are a rare gift that shows how loving he can be. My boy never went into that stage were it was a bad thing to hug and kiss his mom. I hope that he never does. If it comes to pass it will sadden me.
It makes me happy that we have brought up such a loving child. He has never told me that he hates me. In this I feel lucky and grateful. I hope never to hear those words rom his mouth. Although he did tell my husband that ocne when he was four. After my husband talked to our son about the words that he had said, my husband went into our bedroom and cried. I had to remind him that our son was little and did not mean what he had said. My husband turned to me and said I know but it still hurts that it was said. My son never told his father that he hated him after that.
Now I can see the real teen years coming and can only hope and pray for the best. I know things will change,they always do. I just want to know where the time has gone?
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