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What is written in my heart

What is going on with my body has a direct link from my heart. So what is written on my heart? The names of those I love held and has passed on. Those who I know and miss everyday. Those who I only know thru the internet and websites. Those who have made me the person I am today. Those who have stabbed me in the back. Those who have treated me badly. Those who are in great pain physically and mentally as well as spiritually. My heart is not whole you see. For things and people have a piece of my heart. Some unknowingly and some who knew but choose to toss it away. Yet no matter what I love them as they are flaws and all. Why do I love my enemies more it seems than my friends or family? For they need love, compassion, understanding and patience more so. Yet that does have a limit in only to protect my self from their type of abuse. SO I do what others have said not to do. I can lay my head down at night and know I did what I felt was right not what Others feel is right. Perhaps they will never see this love I have for them in my heart but alas for me I dont know how to be anything else than that. When this woman with bf and son (she is the one my husband cheated with on me) needed a home, a friend, someone to help her other children and etc. I opened my home, used my resources and knowledge to help and benefit. Not for her per se but her children who deserved to have Mommy. Many said I was wrong but I thought if I was this way, I'd hope my enemy would help me in my hour of need. I apologize for not being or doing what others and etc want me to do and etc. I can only be me. Which I am learning to do and become a better one at that. So now you all know you are in my heart to. Hugs

Written by me yesterday! So please do not copy just leave a comment. Thank you
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