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Wolf_Angel, We never know what we are going to do in a situation until we do it. Sometimes it's just another lesson waiting to be learned. We've all been guily of that. When we say just because it happened to you doesn't mean it will happen to me! We have all said that & found one way or another we were wrong. using "We" because it's a fact of life for more than one or two. Hopefully a lesson is learned & in time the heart gets mended. We may not always see it but, in most cases what goes around comes back to the slap the person doing it. So move on keep those who you trust & who believe in you near. Saw that you posted you are now working. That is a good step for you. Good luck with it. May you be able to take some more small steps to get to the big picture for yourself. I hope so.
We all go though trials & tribulations in life how we deal with them & let them affect our lives is up to each of us. We can either stand up, brush our bruises away& say tomorrow will be a better day. The alternate choice is to keep the brood going of "why me" or "woe is me"... to me the better of the two is to Stand up, dust yourself off, put on a smile & make sure tomorrow is a better day for yourself. By getting the job and moving forward you're taking a stand. Move forward. Let the past be that the past, look forward to tomorrow, and remember the today is a present. . Wishing you the best.
Smiles are contagious. It's ok to pass them on. *
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