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Talking goes

When you are feeling down as we sometimes do.. How do you heal yourself to bring your feelings UP?

My reply is: to find a good book since I dont feel like doing much else. Usually a romance novel or one about herbs or the bible.

What do you do to make your healing process work for you?

My reply is: to rest drink plenty of fluids eat and keep warm while taking meds.

Are you able to laugh at yourself from time to time?

My reply: Sometimes, yet not always!

When you are facing obstacles ex: health, family, those things life tosses in the mix.. What do you do to make it better for you?

My reply: Think of the things that I have to do to get out of whatever I am dealing with. To move forward!

Are you able to grieve yet put a smile on and become "Annie"?

My reply: Not always, yet I strive to do so.

Come on write what you think, or how you do handle things.

My reply: I do the best given the situation and etc. Yet I am human enough to know I could do better and sometimes I do yet sometimes I don't. So I look for what I can change and live with. What I can do to learn from my mistakes. And accept that somethings just happen and try to get thru them.

So have a great day!
~*~ May you walk in the Shadow of the Creator!~*~
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