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You'd have to get that love of your's to make the clam chowder. I can't touch them. Highly allergic. One of my saddest times was when that allergy developed It broke my heart.

A little note of interest yes they swim, they spit, but you have to DIG <for>Them .. <weg> Used to go clam digging. It was fun.

PBS ask him about Legal Sea Foods.. It started out as a small store front. They added the long tables & benches. Where always crowded. People would be in lines outside for two blocks. ( Yes they really have been that good for this long).

They started out in Inman Square Cambridge. Now they have expanded all across MA and I believe parts of NH.

Oh ask him about Kelly's Roast Beef .. and the sea wall at Revere Beach. Another wonderful little place that has also expanded thoughout MA. However the orginal in Revere is the Very Best!!

OK enough chatter from me.

(((((( Tammy, Melynn, & all ))))))))) Because it's till what I do best.
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