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I was actually going to post something kinda like this...but from the point of view of your friend. You see, I give off a really, really, really gay vibe. I have no idea why...well, I actually know exactly why, haha. My own mother used to ask me monthly if I was gay when I was growing up (or every time I try to explain to her that Sodom and Gomorrah wasn't burned because of homosexuals). I have had lesbian friends who hit on me because they thought I was gay or curious and just Tuesday a friend of mine did as you did and outright asked, "Are you gay?" She also felt bad about it, like you did, so I checked the date on the post to see if you could have been her, haha!

Anyway, I'm not gay. I'm not's like I want to be a lesbian, if that makes sense. I do find myself staring at women, I find myself thinking about a woman in the throes of pleasure...but when I try imagining me being the cause of that pleasure or sexually touching another woman, I offense to any lesbians here but I just am very put off. All the desire shuts down. A woman's supple breasts are all well and good until I try to imagine my mouth on a nipple, for example. It's like everything's okay until I enter the equation.

I've had my chances to have lesbian experiences, but it's off-putting to me. I have to believe that being gay isn't a choice because if it was I would totally be gay. I feel a deeper connection with women than I do with men, and I feel like I would rather be in a romantic, long-term relationship with a woman. I just can't imagine it sexually.
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