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(((((Cinderellen))))) I agree with you! And keep talking to him! They say that they may act like they are not listening when they really are. My son is also 11 and testing us at every turn it seems. Case in point: This past weekend he decided to sneak out of the house when I was in the laundry room. I noticed he was gone right away. I ask that they let me know where they are going not so much to be nosey but to know in the case of an emergancy. (of course he thinks I'm just being nosey) Well when I called the kids in for dinner there was no responce from him. Of course his father and I became worried. We started asking friends if they had seen him and that if they saw him to please send him home. Well we hopped into the van and ended up on a drastic search. We did find him hours later hiding in the woods. When asked why he ran off and hid his responce was, "I didn't think anyone would come looking for me." Of course we saw it as a cry for help. But come the following day he took off twice! See he thought that since he didn't get into trouble for the hiding act the day before that he could take off at anytime and go anywhere with no problems. His father and I are at a loss here. We never did this. Outside of explaining to him how his actions were wrong we don't see anything else we can do.

Ok....I wrote this in between laundry, kids, and the phone. So if it doesn't make total sense don't worry. lol
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