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Question help?

hi all, hope everyone is well! need some advice?

I've been with my partner for about 2 and a half yrs now i already had a child before i met him but we had a second child together last September. at first our sex life was great but 7 months into my pregnancy he just seems to have lost his desire to have sex with me. at first it was because he felt awkward about the baby then after i had our little one it was because he was afraid of hurting me (which at the time seemed really sweet of him) now its excuse after excuse (he's tired or he's lost his sex drive and so the list goes on) he won't talk to me about it im confused i feel unattractive to him and when sex does happen its always me that instigates it or its after I've had a whine about the lack of sex and it seems like he's 'obliged' to do it!

im so confused i feel ugly fat and worthless, please help i love him so much but i have no clue on what suddenly changed 12 months ago

thanks x
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