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"The Botany of Desire"

Hi! Remember me from waaayyy back when? <p>
I borrowed "The Botany of Desire" from my boss, because he really enjoyed it, and hasn't steered me wrong yet. I like the premise that the plants Pollan discusses have benefitted from their "interaction" with humans, and have in turn influenced humanity. So, now that I'm all pumped up about it again, I'm hoping to get past the Intro (this time!) and really read it. It's SO much more fun to read a book if there is someone (or several people) with whom to discuss it. So, maybe I'll dive in this weekend.

In my current backlog of books to read: "The Shelters of Stone" by Jean Auel, as I've enjoyed the first several books of the series (except one--"The Mammoth Hunters," I think, where they spend a winter in a lodge with a tribe they meet on their journey, and it deteriorates into an infuriating harlequin-romance style book with stupid grudges and confusions that could have been worked out with a civil conversation. ). But the rest have been well-researched, insightful, entertaining, and well worth the read. I have high hopes for "The Shelters of Stone." In this latest book, they finally make it back to Jondular's people, and Ayla is pregnant with his baby. It should be very cool if Auel is still up to form.<p>
Then, Robert Jordan is supposed to come out with the next book in his Wheel of Time fantasy series (hopefully in November), and I'm REALLY hooked on that series!<p>
Only *slightly* off-topic, I'm very anxious to see "Memoirs of a Geisha" when the movie comes out, because the book was so compelling! I hope they capture as much as possible of the essence of the book in the movie.<p>
Good to see you all again!
Peace on Earth
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