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It?s time for me to come clean. I had contacted the OM a few weeks back and we were emailing and phoning. He seemed really anxious to get together. Had that planned, but then it fell through. He said he?d call me, but 2 weeks went by and not a word. So I emailed him that I didn?t believe anyone could be that busy, and if he was looking for an easy out, I?d give it to him. I couldn?t believe he would just let it go at that, but he did. Finally out of desperation, I emailed him and begged him to let me hear it from him. Guess what? Still nothing. I am in so much pain and feel so stupid and used. I know undoubtedly now that he wants nothing to do with me, but I still want him to miss me, to say something, to make some effort, to feel the pain that I am.
When does this end?
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