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Hello everyone.

Well, I got through the weekend. Friday night HS football game with the Hubby was a lot of fun.
Unfortunately, got hit with a massive depressive episode Saturday and Sunday. It?s really tough on H because he feel she should be able to ?fix? it. (I guess it?s a man thing.) He just doesn?t understand that I don?t choose to feel this way, but it just happens. He can?t understand why I would be unhappy when everything is going so well. No matter how much the doctor?s or I have tried to explain about hormones and brain chemicals, he still thinks, as my family always did, that I should just be able to snap out of it.
With this on top of the stress and separation anxiety from the OM, it was a bit of a rough ride this weekend.
But I haven?t contacted him. 5 days and counting.
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