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Hi Rookie Rose welcome.

Your 7 yr old has had the rule of the roost. Maybe given him some alone time with you would be good.

Let him help feed the baby, or read to the baby. Babies love to be read to.

Your 7 yr old needs to know his place isn't gone. He misses that time. The baby is invading his home. ( not really) At least that is probably the way he is seeing it.

Ask relatives or friends who come to see the new baby to mention what a wonderful big brother the baby has. Isn't the baby lucky to have him. He needs to be a part, and feel that he's a part of the process.

My oldest is 7 years older than the 2nd one. They need to feel important in the family. Now they are the best of friends. It does work out. Really.

Don't let the anger he feels fester.

Have him talk it out.
Give him an extra job that is just for him.
Let him help plan a meal, or something the whole family can do.
While the baby is sleeping play a board game, or just talk to him.
He needs that "YOU" time too.

Good luck to all.

Come back in let us know how it's going.
Smiles are contagious. It's ok to pass them on. *
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