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Hello. First of all let me explain something. Who is the parent? You are. Who should put the rules and the rules into place? You do. If she doesn't want to pay any attention to you then you will have to become stricter. You just can't let a child step all over you. If this child is out of control you are going to have to put her in bording school. Send her away until she learns to behave and listen to you. If you want to save your marriage then you are going to have to take some action. Sometimes when children don't behave there are options. Group homes, social services. Put them away. You look like you have had it and before you do loose your mind put her away. Your husband has to take your side. Or else separate from your husband if he doesn't care enough. Sometimes separation is the best thing. I hope this helped. You can't take it all in by yourself. Wake up now. Get in touch with Social services in your county. You have to do something. It's for your own good and well being.
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