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Must be in the water!

I've been married for 2 years now, but I have been with my husband for 7 years. And yes I love him dearly, but I'm not sure its that kinda love...I work at a body shop, and about 2 years ago we hired a painter here, and after meeting him, I knew right away I had an instant connection to him. But in our conversation I learned he got married the weekend before I did. So I drop that feeling I had and tried my hardest to not flirt. Well, since then he had moved out of this town and went to the city to find more work we kinda kept in touch, but not as well. For some reason I had this urge to text him about a month ago, and when I did he wrote back saying his wife and him are getting a divorce. I was really shocked. I also just fund out he had these secret feelings for well as I did for him. Now we talk constantly! He makes me feel happy! And he's so real and open. I'm beginning to see when I don't hear from him I start to miss him and we all know where that's going. I never intended to have feelings for someone I work with. But he fills that void I'm missing from home. We relate so well. Another bad thing on my end, is my husband and I have been having problems for about 6 months now and it hasn't been an easy road. So I know exactly where you are coming from with these feelings. I guess I can't really give "any advice" because I'm going through this too! But at least your not alone!
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