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omg im sorry that you are unhappy in your marriage omg first he was married and u were not. and then he was single and you got married wow what a fustrating situation you are in here. and i do understand that you have a small child and that makes it more complicated but if you truly love this guy and he loves you then go for it! i know the best thing for a healthy upbringing for a child is to have your parents together but what good is that if you are unhappy that is unhealthy for your child as well. im in a similar situation but im not in love with anybody else at the time. i do love my husband but im 25 years old and have been together for 10 years and i have 2 kids. so i never got that time to myself since i settled down and started a family so young. i never really got to just be a young single girl going out with friends i do love my husband and my boys but i just wish i had some time to myself.
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