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Well yes Tammy I do like to fly. Although I have never flown without an airplane, I have dreamed of flying many times. I dreamed about flying alot when I was younger. I also dreamed about falling alot when I was younger. I never hit the pavement, at the last minute before splatter, I would either wake up or suddenly avert the ground with some sophisticated maneuver with my arms and soar upwards. My most horrifying dreams, and memorable, are from my younger years also. They always found me partially naked, usually from the waist up, in a public place where everyone else was dressed. I remember these dreams were particularly upsetting because I was so embarrassed that I had somehow left my house and forgotten my blouse and bra. I would go to work topless, go shopping topless, go to church topless, all to the apparant glee of the people around me who would take joy in pointing, snickering and openly laughing at my state of undress. I remember once I was at the Baltimore Museum of Art reading a plaque about the Cone Sisters Collection of Impressionist art when I noticed I was naked from the waist up and everyone was looking at me with apparant horror. Those dreams seemed to stop somewhere at about the age of 40. Why is that? Sagging breasts perhaps? I don't know. I just don't know.
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