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Morning News

From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

At a rally in Montgomery County, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said yesterday that the September unemployment report, showing the nation losing 159,000 jobs, was added proof that America needs new economic leadership.

Speaking to a crowd of 6,000 at Abington High School's football stadium, Obama accused Republican John McCain of favoring the same economic policies that have produced the rise in unemployment this year.

And Obama disputed the assertion made by Sarah Palin during the vice presidential debate that his own economic plans would kill jobs.

"When Sen. McCain and his running mate talk about job killing, that's something they know a thing or two about," he said. "Because the policies they're supporting are killing jobs every single day. . . . Enough is enough."

... In talking about the causes of the nation's financial woes, Obama laid much of the blame on "a philosophy that views even the most common-sense regulations as unwise and unnecessary." His Republican opponent, he said, has embraced that philosophy.

"He hasn't been getting tough on CEOs," Obama said of McCain. "He hasn't been getting tough on Wall Street. Suddenly a crisis comes and the polls change and suddenly, he's out there talking like Jesse Jackson."

...After the rally in Abington, Obama made a brief stop at Penny's Flowers in Glenside, with camera crews and reporters in tow.

Yesterday was the candidate's 16th wedding anniversary, and he wanted something to take his wife, Michelle, with whom he planned a celebration dinner in Chicago last night.
From CNN:

...Barack Obama weighed in Friday on the passage of the economic bailout bill, which was signed into law by President Bush

"This is not a moment for celebration, but a sobering day when we found out that three-quarters of a million jobs were lost just this year. Passing this rescue plan cannot be the end of our work to strengthen our economy -- it must be the beginning," Obama said in a statement.

"America is facing one of the greatest financial crises in history, and today's passage of an emergency rescue plan was absolutely necessary to prevent an economic catastrophe that could have cost millions of jobs and forced businesses across the country into bankruptcy," he added.

...Earlier Friday, Obama and McCain released statements reacting to a jobs report that paints a dismal outlook for American workers. It shows that employers cut 159,000 jobs in September -- the biggest decline in five years.

"Just since January, we've lost more than 750,000 jobs across America, 7,000 in Pennsylvania alone," Obama said at a rally in Arlington, Pennsylvania. "This is the economy that John McCain said -- just two weeks ago -- was fundamentally strong.

"This is the economy that my opponent said made great progress under the policies of George W. Bush. And those are the economic policies that he proposes to continue for another four years."
From the Los Angeles Times:

Hillary Rodham Clinton met Friday with some of her most devoted supporters in Los Angeles to urge them to back former rival Barack Obama's presidential campaign.

...She also asked them to campaign for Democrats who are running for Congress.

"I mostly wanted to come to say thank you and to encourage you to do everything you can between now and election day to register voters, to make sure everybody knows what's at stake in this election and then to help turn everybody out," Clinton told the crowd. "I just have a feeling this is going to be a great Democratic year."

...In a brief news conference after her speech, Clinton brushed off questions about whether some supporters, still bitter from her loss to Obama, might vote for the Republican nominee, Arizona Sen. John McCain.

"I think that people who supported me have much more in common with Sen. Obama and his agenda than with Sen. McCain," she said.

..."As the real stakes of the election become clearer, you're going to see Obama gain across the country," Clinton said. "As more and more people look at what is being offered, I'm just really confident that we're going to win."

Clinton will speak tonight at an "Angelenos Go Green for Obama" fundraiser in downtown Los Angeles at the Edison, a power-plant-turned-swanky-lounge.

Organizers say the event, powered by biodiesel generators and featuring compostable plates and flatware, will be the first zero-waste and carbon-neutral political fundraiser.

...In the months since she dropped out, she has actively campaigned for Obama.

In her speech Friday, she talked up her latest initiative, which aims to convert her supporters into a pro-Obama network called Hillary Sent Me!

The program, organized by Clinton's political action committee, HillPac, in conjunction with the Obama campaign, mobilizes volunteers to travel to battleground states to help Democrats with their grass-roots organizing.

This weekend, it urged volunteers to travel to Ohio -- a key swing state -- to canvass for Obama.

The weekend after that, it will push volunteers to work in Pennsylvania.

Many Clintonites at Friday's event said they were busy organizing for Obama. Barbara Douglass, 86, the president of the Democratic Women's Study Club in Long Beach, said her organization was making phone calls for Obama.
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