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Thanks for the support, but my mind is just so overwhelmed at everything happening at once. I can't concentrate well enough to deal with anything.

To top it all off, someone invaded my computer and took complete control of it. He even intercepts my mail and adds hidden code and/or decides whether it should be sent to me or not. I've learned more about computers than I ever wanted to in the past ten days. And, because of the Patriot Act, Americans no longer have any privacy rights. Unless he steals money from me somehow, then I can press charges. My email is not even my email server anymore. And he changed all the passwords. What makes it hurt me the most is Pirate has always emailed me, and this guy deleted all of my saved emails from pirate. And, yes I know exactly who this guy is; name, address, phone number.

I really don't care, it strikes me as funny that someone has nothing better to do then annoy people.

I have a brand new computer that I will be setting up tomorrow. It will have all the security bells and whistles that are possible.

I really don't even know where to begin when it comes to unloading or talking about this stuff. I know I need to, especially since poor Greg is having to cope with this and with my being very physically ill right now.

Thanks so much for the hugs and support. All of your kindness means a lot to me right now.
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